Cluster configuration

For now, you can only use a very restricted set of commands, because we have not yet configured our client how to communicate with the Accio cluster. Configuration is done inside a clusters.json file, that is searched in two locations:

  • /etc/accio/ for system-wide configuration (can be overriden with the ACCIO_CONFIG_ROOT environment variable);
  • ~/.accio/ for user-specific configuration. This path cannot be overriden.

You may define multiple clusters, each one having at least a name and an address where to contact it. Clusters defined in these two files are merged, the latter file having the precedence in case of a cluster defined in both files. The first cluster ever defined is the default cluster, that is used if none is explicitly given.

A simple configuration file looks like this:

  "name": "default",
  "server": ""

Each cluster is a JSON object formed of the following fields.

Name Type Description
name string Cluster name, that will be referenced later in commands.
server string Address to contact one of the masters of this cluster, specified as a Finagle name.
credentials string; optional Credentials to use when communicating with this server. The format of this string depends on the configured authentication strategies.